Update-3 : COAST Emergency Team started responses to the affected people caused by very severe cyclone Mocha


As per the Emergency Response Coordination Meeting in the Office of Cox’s Bazar Deputy Commissioner, Cox’s Bazar, dated 13 May 2023, COAST has taken to provide emergency response to three cyclone centres in Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Ukhiya and Teknaf.  Then Tarik Sayed Harun, Lead of Central Response Team arranged a meeting and designated the responsibilities to the different teams. Upzila Response Teams will stay in respective upazila and will be responsible evacuation, distribution of dry/cooked food and other emergency materials in cyclone centers through coordination with Lead of Central Response Team-COAST and District/Upazila administrations.

Md. Shahinur Islam will collect the pictures and information from each team. He will share the Rapid Assessment Tools and Formats immediately. A WhatsApp group has been created for overall coordination and easy message dissemination.

Responses till to 14 May 2023:

COAST Foundation has taken some pre-cyclone emergency response initiatives in Cox’s Bazar district to reduce the loss and damage caused by the very severe cyclone Mocha.

Cox’s Bazar Sadar Upazila: On 14May, total 800 packets in Cox’s Bazar Saikat Girls’ High School, 200 packets in Mohila Kamil Madrasha, 220 packets in Baharchara Government Primary School, 30 packets in Kolatoli High School, 70 packets in Airport Government Primary School and 300 packets in Madrashaya Tayabiya Taheriya Sunniya Alim Madrasha  in Cox’s Bazar have been distributed including drinking water.      

Ukhiya Upazila: As per request from UNO-Ukhiya, COAST distributed 300 packets cooked meals to the victims staying in the cyclone centre in Jaliapalong Union, 272 packets in Dail Para Government Primary School and 28 packets in Sonarpara Government Primary School. As per the request of Ukhiya Upazila Administration, COAST will take care of these two cyclone centers.

Teknaf Upazila: COAST has taken responsibility for Pollang Para Government Primary School in Teknaf Upazila. COOAT will distribute 300 packets of dry food in this school. 

Kutubdia Upazila: A total of 20 torch lights have been provided to the Kutubdia Upazila Administration. Besides, COAST Kutubdia team organized for miking and messages dissemination yesterday in the community level.

Radio Saikat operation:  Radio Saikat( www.radiosaikat.net) are operating 24 services announcing the weather bulletin, government messages and other news related to the very severe cyclone Mocha. In addition, all COAST staff along with 50 volunteers are stand by to work with emergency response for the very severe cyclone Mocha.