Review Findings on Humanitarian Response to Rohingya Crisis: Choice Between Titanic and Life Boat Regrading Localisation


Dhaka. 11 February, 2018. Today in a sharing meeting speakers suggest that, Choices have to be made between Titanic and Life Boats regarding the humanitarian responses for the Forcefully Displaced Myanmar National in cox’s Bazar. We should not go with Titanic knowing it sinks. They were speaking while sharing review findings on the situation of localization in humanitarian aid in Cox’s Bazar. The reviews show that, the local CSOs and NGOs, the fast and first responders of the crisis in Cox’s Bazar have been kept farm mostly from the decision making process. INGOs are dominating the scenario.

Two different reviews have revealed the situation. Today in a meeting preliminary findings of these two reviews were presented. DEPP Learning Team and DEPP projects in Bangladesh, along with COAST Trust , Swiss Solidarity Foundation, GMI and Caritas Bangladesh organised the meeting.

The discussion event was participated by participants from diverse group includes Local NGO, National NGO, INGO, Local & National Network and UN agencies. The event included two presentations and open discussion. Koenraad Van Brabant and Smruti Patel from Global Mentoring Initiative & Navigation 360 Consulting presented their recent reviews finding. The reviews focused on. Md. Mujibul Haque Munir of COAST Trust presented results of the recent survey on the localization situation of humanitarian aid in Cox’s Bazar. The survey was prepared by Cox’s Bazar CSOs and NGOs Forum (CCNF) and COAST Trust.

Please find a Short report on the findings of the reviews, presentations Business as Usual GM(2)  and Localization in Cox’s Bazar