COAST Trust awarded BEACON on working in hard to reach areas


COAST has been awarded BEACON status by Community Legal Services (CLS) Programme. This award is the recognition of the development of good practice in specific areas of work, especially in the small islands in the Bay of Bengal, Bhola, Bangladesh
The award was given on March 21, 2017 at British Council Auditorium, Fuller Road, Dhaka.
The CLS Capacity Building team consulted widely before making its award selections. While CLS did not award BEACON status for every area that the COAST was nominated for, but reviewed and considered all nominations together with understanding of the performance. While BEACON status was awarded on the basis of innovation and learning, good practice and change in a certain area, the good work of the COAST in all areas is valued and essential to programme performance.
The consultancies has been undertaken in relation to the BEACON areas to collect good practices that can be disseminated to other organizations. This process provides a good opportunity to showcase the organizational work.