Developed Countries Indecisions in Marrakech will Lead Climate Genocide in LDCs and MVCs


Marrakech 17th November 2016. Today, just one day before of the conclusion of CoP 22 Marrakech climate conference, civil society rights group representing LDCs and MVCs have organized a press conference in CoP 22 Marrakech climate conference at press conference room Dakhla, they express dismay on possible conclusion of CoP 22 Marrakech climate conference. In their group position paper, they said that US president elect Donald Trump’s possible threats on possible pull out from Paris Agreement (PA) the climate multilateral deal, indecisions of developed countries in respect of enhancing mitigation ambitions, very little or no financing commitment in respect of financing especially for adaptation and loss and damages, finally inaction in respect of climate induced displacement from this conference will lead and aggravate climate genocide in LDCs and MVCs.
They cite examples from a recent (14th Nov 2016) World Bank and Global Facility of Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)’s released report that, there will be 26 million new poor and loss of $520 billion worth asset and services annually due to natural disasters. The press conference was moderated by Rezaul Karim Chowdhury of EquityBD Bangladesh, other speakers of the press conference was Ziaul Haque Mukta of CSRL Bangladesh, Azeb Girmi from ENDA Ethiopia and LDC Watch Brussels, and Justine Ginnetti of IDMC (International Displacement Monitoring Center), Geneva.
Ziaul Haque Mukta of CSRL Bangladesh, insist to fix the temperature pick year for the three different set of countries which is for developed countries 2020, for developing countries 2025 and for the least developed countries the picking year should be 2035. He express hoped that Facilitative Dialogue 2018 should pave the process in this regard to raise mitigation ambition high even before of 2023, otherwise the earth will face inevitable temperature level of 3.4 degree Celsius, which will result much more climate catastrophes especially for LDCs and MVCs. Azeb Girmi form ENDA Etheopia and LDC Watch said that pre 2020 road map for $100 billion commitment still not clear, she demand there should clear road on this for $ 100 billion for pre and post 2020 situation, she also demand separate fund for Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM) in respect of loss and damage. Justine Ginneti of IDMC Geneva mentioned that there are 172.3 million disaster related displacement since 2008, 21.5 millions in each year and 58 thousand displacements in a day. Rezaul Karim Chowdury of EquityBD said that more funding in respect of adaptation may help to reduce displacement and disaster related death, but all above displacement require a political decision in view of human rights and justice framework.

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