Hamida Dreams to be a Teacher


Hamidimg1aYesmin is 15 years old. Her father Sayed Ahmed leads family by selling betel leaves. Hamida lives at Khuruskul union under Cox’sBazar sadar upazila. They are 3 sisters and 5 brothers. She was forced to drop from schools due to her father’s poverty. Later she got admitted to Shonglap centre. She graduated from east Khulia para Shonglap centre. She learnt various 12 essential issues which are needed to her daily life. She practices these learning regularly and tries for doing others. She got training on goat rearing and poultry. After completing 1 year Shonglap course she received taka 3000 from COAST in February 2011 and bought two goats.

Now Hamida goes to school again. She takes care of her goats regularly. She wants to carry on her study from earning of goat rearing. She dreams to be a teacher in future after completing her study.